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At Grip Tuff Inc. we pride ourselves in doing the job the right way from the start. 

At Grip Tuff Inc. we pride ourselves in doing the job the right way from the start. We believe that thorough planning, the proper equipment and an experienced crew will always prevail because nothing can substitute knowledge and experience on the film set. We never shy away from a challenging lighting set up, a difficult location or a camera rig that fulfills the Directors wildest vision. We work closely with Producer’s and Motion Picture Production companies to ensure a clear understanding of the big picture and the specific needs and 

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wants of the client. When it comes to safety, we’ve pushed the limits plenty of times. The important thing is that whether the camera needs to be on the side of a cliff, or the middle of a raging river or zip-lining through a dense forest- we’ve done it…safely… Everyone goes home at the end of the day and every camera lives to shoot another shot!

The famous George C. Scott once said “If I were ever stranded on a deserted island there would be 3 things I’d need: food, shelter, and a grip” Now, I’m not saying that if I were stranded on an island with someone I’d want it to be George C. Scott… but I think he touches briefly on one of the main reasons why I still love this job after 20+ years. As a film crew, we often find ourselves in the situation where improvisation, creativity and ingenuity are the key components to getting through the day. Grip Tuff Inc. is all about the hands on approach to creatively solving the problems as they arise and doing so in the most efficient manner possible. We travel with a complete grip truck, in fact, it’s bulging at the seams and ready to conquer any lighting issue or camera rig that comes up. 

At Grip Tuff, we look forward to being an integral part of your next project. Please call or write or shout (in between sound takes of course) and we look forward to seeing you soon. 

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